Direct Instruction

We work with a number of instructors who specialize in creating hands-on learning experiences. We have instructors who can teach a variety of ages, from early childhood to adult learners. We can create custom lessons, teach material you have prepared, or use experiences that we have done before.

Many of our past lessons have focused on STEM, art, and history experiences. We believe that the most powerful learning experiences are those that allow the learner to directly engage with the world around them, following where their sense of wonder leads them.

Below are some examples of projects that we have offered in the past:

Flower Dissection

Have you ever wondered what is in a flower? We will lead you through an investigation of what makes these beautiful

Story Time – Online!

Perfect for preschool children, read a story and do an art activity.

Creating Art with Recycled Materials

Use common household materials tat would usually go into the trash to create art or overcome engineering challenges.

Erosion Experiments

Use water and found materials to conduct experiments with erosion, flood control, and water. Be ready to get a little muddy!

Color, Art, and Nature

Based on the nature color studies

Seed Investigations

What is a seed? How can we learn more about them?

Family or Classroom Nature Walks

Get outside with kids of all ages to explore the complex work around us.

Seed Balls

Create clay balls filled with wildflower seeds to help restore our environment and provide pollinator habitat.