How can we help you better meet the educational needs of your community?


Interpretive Planning and Curriculum Design

Let our award winning consultants help your organization through the interpretive design process or have us develop engaging curriculum with your team’s input.

Program Evaluation

We will work with you to design and implement evaluation tools to improve your programs and meet granting requirements.

Professional Development

We will guide your staff or community partners through a variety of professional development opportunities, from teacher training to implementing evaluation tools.

Direct Instruction

Hire our teaching staff to work with learners at your site or through a remote environment, using your curriculum or developing and teaching programs designed by our staff. These programs can be remote or in person.

Past Projects

Case Study A – Remote Learning

In response to the COVID 19 crisis, online units were needed by teachers to allow them to teach life science in a remote learning environment. These lessons were created to engage remote learners while encouraging them to learn from the environment around them.

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Case Study B – Evaluation of Summer Program

Program evaluation is integral to creating community centered educational experiences that meet the needs of participants and service providers. This five year study provided formative and summative evaluations that helped the program grow and change over time.

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“It was wonderful that simple, cheap activities were demonstrated. [The instructor] showed how to take big, heavy concepts and pull them apart for young children to understand. I loved that we got to spend time outside and see how to implement with the students. The balance of indoor and outdoor was great! Thank you so much!”

-Teacher in Professional Development Workshop


Jane Doe

Let’s create stronger communities through access to transformational educational opportunities.