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Case Study – Remote Learning

Life Science Units for Remote Learning The summer of 2020 was full of uncertainty for teachers, students, and nonprofit organizations. It quickly be came apparent that field trips and other programs traditionally offered by museums and nature centers would not be possible. Informal educators across northern New Mexico came together to meet community needs in … Read More

Opening of Cerise Consulting

Cerise Consulting was developed to provide the services that I was looking for when working as the Director of Education and Interpretation at a nonprofit. I wanted partners with expertise to collaborate with on projects rather than an expert to do the project for us. I was lucky enough to have several mentors and peers … Read More

Case Study – Summer Program Evaluation

Well designed program evaluation can have an outsized impact on the success of a project. Beginning in 2016 the Santa Fe Community Educators Network partnered with Dr. Kathleen Doll to design and implement an evaluation that would provide summative and formative data to improve the quality of the project and its ability to better meet … Read More

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