Interpretive Planning and Curriculum Design

Do you need help designing engaging learning experiences for visitors or students?

Cerise Consulting believes that well crafted educational experiences can transform participants. Let us work with you to design meaningful interpretation, from classroom lessons and hands-on materials to wall labels and docent tours. From full service design to guiding staff through the process, we will enable you to better share what you care about with the world.

Curriculum Design

Cerise Consulting has extensive experience designing curricular units for schools, museums, and other nonprofits. We will either lead your staff through a design process, or we can create meaningful lessons and experiences for youth or adult learners that meet your pedagogical goals.

Interpretive Projects

From working with staff and community members to define common goals to creating engaging experiences that will allow your visitors to engage with the content at your organization, Cerise Consulting will work with you to craft meaningful interpretation at your site. This could include signage, online experiences, hands-on materials, docent tours, and more.

Interpretive Master Planning

We will help you define the underpinning values you want to express across your organization and how these values relate to interpretation. Together, we will investigate accessibility, language, training, evaluation, visitor input, and more. These tools will create a framework for future interpretive projects, paving the way for new work.

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Let’s design meaningful experiences together.